GEHARD DEMETZ – DESMOND LAZARO - 17th November 2020 – 30th January 2021.

IDENTITIES« – a dual exhibition featuring sculptures by GEHARD DEMETZ and paintings by DESMOND LAZARO.

Message from Shireen Gandhy, Gallery Chemould Prescott Road​, Mumbai, India

Shireen Gandhy,

Director of the Chemould Gallery

Dear Friend,

First of all, we reach out, hoping that you and your family are well and safe!

In these times of a world lockdown - an action taken together, a gathering of colleagues across India and Dubai have come together to form a collective platform. We have named ourselves: In Touch. We are a group of 10 galleries on a digital platform collectively reaching out to collectors across the world. While we WFH (work from home) - this has its limitations both with galleries and artists. But it's a new road and as creatures who adjust - many of us are acquainting ourselves to this new way of staying "in touch". Art in its various forms has been present in so many ways to us in this time and we are delighted to present this curated action to draw you back into the gallery world to see if you would like to engage with our initiative.

Please find our pdf as well the link to IN TOUCH (goes live on the 24th of April).

Should you have any questions, please be sure to reach out!

We look forward to conversations with you!
best regards, 


30th January 2020 –  2nd February 2020  - INDIAN ART FAIR - New Delhi - India

12 November 2019 – 2 February 2020  - Kettle Yards - Cambridge - UK 

Home Lands - Art from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

September 2019 - Threshold Gallery​ - New Delhi - India

The Painted Almanac - Framing Time; Past, Present & Future.

15 Juin 2019 - December 2020, Art Gallery NSW, Sydney, Australia

The Sea of Untold Stories II

August - Sept 2019 : International Dunhuang Conference - China

The Prince's Foundation School for Traditional Arts, UK &

The Dunhaung Research Academy, China.

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