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2020 Proposal Lorne sculpture Biennale 2019


The Intent of the Biennale is to see a united and unique solidarity from the artists. Within each precinct the artist works freely with their own distinct aesthetic treatment of their arts project brief.
Each project references LORNE in its many guises from the historic to current times.The accompanying artist brief will be offered as a shortcut to the research it includes an overview of the foundation of the township from times of the first people until today. Each project varies in footprint some up to 300m in length this may challenge yet will offer artistic opportunity to

fully immersion the viewer into their three-dimensional realm.
A strong emphasis from the artist director is for the invited artists to take
full advantage of the public exposure to ‘fill’ their precinct with works accessible to the art buying public and have numerous inter-related works, that can stand alone and be sold individually.

Consolidating art practice with reality, balance the environmental impact of resources used with the ‘real’ cultural worth.

Forthcoming project Zuanzang & The New Silk Road

Investigating what migration means today, along what is perhaps the most important trade route in history. 

Through newly developed research at Dunhuang and other sites, Lazaro will hone a narrative that poetically shows the ways in which migration will shape the twenty first century, including global commerce and human life at macro and individual scales.

Rather than limit his inquiry to the geography of the historical Silk Road, Lazaro’s project also looks at the new relationships centred around and fostered by China, such as Africa’s largest port being developed by 10 billion dollars of Chinese funding; and Duisberg, Germany’s “China City,” the world’s largest inland port where 80 percent of trains from China now making their first European stop.

This ambitious body of work will be prepared as a touring exhibition that traverses Australia, Asia, Europe, and America – in effect charting its own path across the globe over several years. 

Desmond Lazaro 'sketchbook