Gated Community

The blue house project – continued… 2014

The work has moved on from the original series, in response to the exhibition – Floating worlds – curated by Geeta Kapur, at the Chemould Gallery Mumbai – march 2014. In some ways it has returned to images and ideas of home – initially I had tried to turn the houses into Icons – with the use of blue and gold etc, that continues but the concern moves/ shifts to house’s in general – the title ‘Gated Community’ is a ref to those who cannot access this new way of living. Gate – can lock in – and keep out, it houses both inspiration and aspiration, have and have not. The gold text at the bottom of the image – came from my initial writing about the blue house project – however I have played with the words – finding correspondence with a specific house, shack or building motifs, they can be read as one continues ‘song’ or as individual words, worlds that exist in their own unique space.


Desmond Lazaro ‘Floating Worlds’
Work in Progress
Title ‘Gated Community’
Dimensions 1ft x 29ft : 30 cm x 883 cm
Media: Pigment, Gold and Silver Paint on Handmade Sanganeer paper backed with on cotton cloth.
Text will be gold raised gesso / cursive edwardian script


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