Having trained as a Picchvai and miniature painter, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, my work is rooted in and inspired by, traditional language along with its methods, materials and symbolism. I continue to employ traditional techniques in a craftsman like manner through the stringent preparation of all my materials: cloth, paper, brushes and pigment colours. These materials are an integral part of the process of painting however by the changing the imagery ‘context and meaning’ inevitably shift. Imagery wonders over the years and lately there has been a fascination with themes of house & home……

“For a long time I have wanted to make a shed – a small scale sculpture – a generic garden shed – a shape that would satisfy my fascination with ‘house and home’ a theme, which over the last few yearsI have considered in paintings – each time trying to unravel a meaning for both – as a symbol and a personal reference…..”

“House and home are recurring themes in my work. But sometimes I don’t know how to get home, soI constantly define and redefine it within myself. It’s the typical East-West dichotomy that has informed and continues to inform my work – often summed up with a simple object like a garden shed, a shack….”

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